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DC Fagan Psychological Services, LLC offers a variety of evaluation services including IQ, Psychoeducational, academic, ADHD, and School Neuropsychological testing.

At DC Fagan Psychological Services all testing is done individually by a licensed psychologist using current, comprehensive and standardized tests.

Psychoeducational Testing

homeworkA Psychoeducational evaluation includes both an IQ test and an achievement test.  It is completed in order to determine whether a specific learning or other disability may be impacting significantly on a student’s academic performance.

In many school districts in New Jersey and New York, a discrepancy between a student’s IQ and their academic scores is used as a criterion for provision of special education services by the school district.

IQ Testing

IQ testing tells us the overall cognitive potential of an individual and can give parents the information they need to help understand their child’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles.  The results can be used to help identify students for gifted programs, children with learning weaknesses, and assist with educational planning.

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Academic Achievement Testing

The academic portion includes assessments of reading, math, written language, and oral expression.

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School Neuropsychological

StrugglingA school neuropsychological is a more extensive and complex evaluation that is used to determine how the brain and nervous system affect thought processes and learning.

A full school neuropsychological assessment includes testing in the following areas:

Sensory Motor Development
Executive Functions
Visual Spacial Processing
Academic Testing in Reading, Writing, and Math
Emotional/Behavioral Assessment

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