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About Dr. Petouvis (Solotruk)

Dr. Lindsay Petouvis (Solotruk) is a licensed psychologist in New Jersey and New York. Dr. Petouvis’s greatest passion within the field is for assessment. She has experience evaluating children from two years of age through early adulthood. The focus of her evaluation is to determine whether a child has a disabling condition, but more importantly, to provide a learning “blueprint” to help drive effective interventions to help the child learn.

Dr. Petouvis worked in public and private schools for nearly 10 years, during the majority of time working as a School Psychologist and special education case manager.  She also was a field supervisor for graduate school psychology students.  She has presented numerous inter-regional workshops on the Cattell-Horn-Carroll theory of intelligence and development of modifications/accommodations for students based on assessments.

Dr. Petouvis’s knowledge of special education law extended to her teaching Ethics and Law at the Masters and Doctoral Level for future school psychologists. She continues to teach psychology at the college level as an adjunct instructor.  Earlier in her career, she worked as an instructor of children with autism at REED Academy utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis.

Dr. Petouvis completed her undergraduate degree at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania.  She completed her Masters, School Psychology Certification, Supervisory Certification, and Doctor of Psychology degrees at Fairleigh Dickinson University.  She completed her pre- and post-Doctoral internships under Dr. Fagan’s supervision with focus on neuropsychological assessments. Since then, she has joined DC Fagan Psychological Services full-time. She is currently enrolled in the KIDS , Inc. Post-Doctoral School Neuropsychology Program.  She expects to earn the American School Neuropsychology Board Certification and Diplomate in July 2016.

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